Adhesive labels in PVC tailored custom color HD
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Labels, Adhesive PVC Matte ( into Planks ) to measure customized with your logo

Field of application
For internal and external applications on metal, lacquered wood, glass, plastic.

Material characteristics

  • Certification of reaction to fire (B-S2-D0).
  • Film thickness: 90micron | Matte Finish
  • The Base film is white, with excellent printability and flatness.


  • Printing Eco-Solvent color HD.
  • Life on the outside: 24/36 months
  • Length inside: indefinite


  • Provided with means of cutting ( to facilitate the spellicolatura )
  • Supplied in planks ( 32/64 x 100/130cm )

Print File?
Just a file of good quality in 1:1 scale...we take care of the layout of the dashboard!
Might interest you: Instructions for the preparation of the file

  • Eco-Solvent color HD
  • Half-Cut
  • Square
  • Round
  • Custom shape
  • In planks
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The choice of material

  • PVC Monomeric white base with a finish of matte or glossy;
  • PVC Polymeric white base with a finish of matte or glossy.

Monomeric or Polymeric?

ll vinyl monomeric is the vinyl the most economical, the one that allows you to have the best quality/price ratio. It is normally used for applications of short duration 18-24 months, and especially suitable to be used on flat surfaces. After a few days starts to occur, the effect of the withdrawal, that is, the vinyl, the adhesive applied tends to shrink to a few millimeters, about 1mm to the side on a sticker 100x100 cm. You must always take into account this particularity in the application phase.

The vinyl polymer is qualitatively better. The compound of this material allows you to have an elasticity greater than the vinyl monomeric, allowing you to use it on those surfaces with a minimum of sudden changes of thickness. The vinyl polymer, made from PVC percentages higher, is therefore able to adapt to surfaces more complex (for example on the rear window of a car or on a glass bottle, ensuring a lasting medium-to-long - 24 to 36 months.

Cutting mode

  • Die cutting: the cutting of the PVC only ( label ) , leaving intact the film in the paper below allowing you to weed quickly the adhesive. In this case, the labels are supplied in sheets/coils with height 32/64 x 100/130cm.
  • Die-cutting half-cut + full cut: In this case, they are made in 2 cuts: the cutting of The PVC ( label ) and the movie in the paper below , so unwrap easily the adhesives are in this case delivered individually ( type of Stickers ).

Press information

The customization of our labels, PVC is made through printing eco solvent color in HD.
Attention: it is not supposed to print white!

Data sheet
Specific PVC
PVC Monomeric Matt white

Riceverò un'anteprima di stampa prima della messa in produzione del materiale?

Certamente. Entro 12 ore dall'invio dell'ordine! I nostri grafici inviano sempre un'anteprima di stampa in formato digitale all'email indicata.
Ci teniamo a precisare che l'ordine verrà processato ed inviato in area produzione e stampa, soltanto dopo la tua approvazione.

Come invio il file per stampa?

  • Subito dopo aver concluso l'ordine tramite il box "UPLOAD FILE" che troverai nella pagina di conferma ordine.
  • Dopo aver concluso l'ordine tramite il modulo nella sezione upload file. Basterà indicare il numero dell'ordine ed un indirizzo email per l'invio della bozza;
  • Oppure via email a Ricordati di indicare nell'oggetto un tuo riferimento. ( es: riferimento ordine )

Formati accettati

I formati di file accettati per tutti i tipi di servizi sono:

Quale risoluzione del file devo mantenere affinché il risultato della stampa sia ottimale?

La soluzione migliore è ottenuta da un file vettoriale: .ai, .pdf.
In alternativa è possibile utilizzare un file .jpg .png con risoluzione compresa tra i 150 DPI e i 300 DPI.


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