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1 Front color ( front cover )
The price includes the customization of the product in 1 color screen printing on the front cover
The maximum print area varies and is indicated on the product page.
The use of screen printing is recommended to reproduce images or documents on fabrics, rigid and flexible materials and on plastic or PVC products such as gadgets. Screen printing can be used on all our promotional items preferably with smooth surfaces, such as bags, folders, umbrellas, and on clothing. This type of customization is durable and economical. The cost of screen printing customization varies according to the number of colors, the item to be customized, the size of the print file and the amount of strokes that will be made
copy of 1 colori Tampografia
The price provides for the customization of the product by single-color tampography.
The maximum print area varies and is indicated on the product page.
Tampographic printing is used to transfer ink to smooth or irregular surfaces (e.g. pens) via silicone swabs. The ink, in essence, is transferred from a steel plate or photopolymer, previously engraved thanks to a UV bromograph that "digs" the desired image with absolute prediction, to the final object by buffer. Typically, this technique is used to customize small products or difficult media.
Chalice Holder Bag with shoulder strap for Wine tastings, customizable with your logo
Bag with Chalice / Glass Shoulder Strap in TNT customizable with your logoGlass Holder/Glass Holder
sewn finishes
multipurpose shoulder strap
Recommended printing technique: Screen printingMaterial: TNT | 90gr/sqm
Dimensions: 18 x 23.5 cm approx;; Depth: 6 cm approxCustomizable area: 13 x 13 cm max | Recommended: 10.5 x 10.5 cm
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