FAQ's Wonder Program

Each client...a wonder!

Wonder Program is the loyalty program designed to support increasingly our customers. Traveling among the wonders of the modern world you win Loyalty Points, exclusive Promotions, discounts and many benefits that will increase as the trip will continue between one wonder and another.

To whom is reserved the Wonder Program?

The Wonder Program is reserved primarily for entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses, and associations , and provides for three different progressive levels. In achieving the objectives for the overcoming of the initial level “Chichén Itzá” you win the benefits of the next level.

How do I sign up?

By subscribing to the site www.stampegrafica.plus it is automatically placed at the first level of the program.
The first level is the Chichen-Itza!

Why a loyalty program?

We would like to give more and more support to our customers!
Already from the first order Stampegrafica offers great benefits such as delivery times, quicker web media, are easy to support (Phone, Whatsapp, Email) and competitive costs... a higher level the benefits increase! More from the first euro spent, you earn loyalty points that you can spend as a coupon for the next order or you can leave them acculare and use them when you want! (READ HERE ON LOYALTY POINTS)

What happens when I get to the top level?

A level it unlocks in achieving the objectives necessary to the overcoming of the previous level (See Comprehensive plan)
Your account will automatically be updated with inclusion of new features and services. You will also receive the update of the cooperation agreement with new benefits related to your new level.

How many and what are the wonders of this Wonder Program?

The first level is “Chichen-Itza”. In achieving the objectives for the overcoming of the initial level you win the benefits of the next level, Christ the Redeemer, up to the most prestigious level: Machu Picchu. (READ HERE WHAT ARE THE FIXED DISCOUNTS PROVIDED)

Because of the wonders of the Modern world are 7, and the WP is composed of only 3 levels?

The other four wonders are dedicated to the Wonder Program Pro, a floor reserved for graphic arts professionals, advertising agencies and event organizers.

The Wonder Program has a cost of membership?

No. The Wonder Program is a totally free.

What parameters I have to consider for the advance between levels?

The full description of the Wonder Program you will be able to view all the objectives that will help you pass from level to level. Find them HERE

The Wonder Program has an expiration date?


Can I combine points on multiple accounts?

No. It is not possible to accumulate points the customer or amounts spent by two or more accounts. For any particular case you can ask for information or solutions to the commercial team dedicated to writing about info@stampegrafica.plus

The terms and conditions of the programme can vary?

The Program is confirmed from year to year during the month of January. Any changes not currently foreseen, will be promptly communicated to each and every customer. The complete description of the plan is viewable HERE

What are the Discounts on Variable and Fixed Discounts?

StampeGrafica offers the possibility to access to two types of discounts: those that are fixed and variable. The two types are combinable, while two of the same family cannot be summed (unless otherwise noted).

Here are some examples:

Discounts Vary

  • Loyalty Points
  • Promotional codes, seasonal
  • Black Friday

Fixed Discounts

  • Price Level Wonder Program
  • Promotional discounts by product category

All power saving modes are listed HERE. Other promotions will be sent via newsletters to only the members of that specific level.

What is a premium account?

The transformation in the Premium account is for the "Christ the Redeemer" and "Machu Picchu" while the first level, called Chichen Itza, is of the standard type. The premium account will have a fixed discount on all the products and some additional pages are active only for premium accounts.

What are the shipments Priority?

The shipping priority are all those marked with a code of "priority" on the rest of the orders in process. On average, the material is sent 2/3 days in advance, compared to the average times of production indicated on the product technical sheets.

What are the modes of payment custom?

Allowed exclusively to those who belong to the level of "Machu Picchu" of the Wonder Program (see who is part of it). The modes allowed are specified in the collaboration agreement exclusively dedicated to this level. (Contracts of collaboration are accessed from the premium account).

Partner Pro

There is an entrance fee to the Pro?


Who can access the Wonder Pogram Pro?

The Program is dedicated to the operators of the sector of graphic arts, communication agencies and event organisers. StampeGrafica will check the requirements before confirmation of registration in the Programme.

How do I enter the Programme?

Simply fill out the request form (found on the bottom of this page). Our office business will verify the compatibility of the request by converting the standard account in the customer Pro.

What are the levels of Wonder Program Pro?

Wonder Program Pro is composed of 4 different levels of development. The input level is the “Chinese Wall” (Liv. Top 4), the highest level is the “Colosseum” (Gold – Liv. Top1). You go from one level to the next, reaching the objectives.

All levels

  • Great wall Chinese - 10% + 4% - Level input
  • Petra - NN% + 4% - Level Top 3
  • Taj Mahal - NN% + 4 % - Top Level 2
  • Colosseum - NN% + 4 % - Top Level 1

The detail of the objectives and of fixed discounts to the price list associated with each level will be sent immediately after the request of registration in the programme. We prefer not to publish the details of this program. FIND OUT MORE

Will I receive a contract?

You will receive via email the full description of the plan with associated terms and conditions of use of the Program for your level. We do not need signatures, or subscriptions. The program, following the registration, is completely free and non-binding. Among the information documents that we send you there will be also an illustrated brochure with the description of the objectives and advantages of all levels.

Where can I find the detailed plan and all the benefits of the Wonder Program Pro?

You will receive it via email immediately after the verification of your company data by our office for business customers.

I will come up to date on the changes in the loyalty points after each order?

You will be able to know the status of your loyalty points by logging into your personal area on www.stampegrafica.plusby clicking on the “my loyalty points”. In this section you will find the amount of the points have already been converted to “good spending” that the spots that are still available. At the centre, clearly visible, you can find the value of the payment in Euro of the good available.

The program has expiration?


Can I withdraw from Wonder Program Pro?

The entrance is free of charge and non-binding. Be enrolled in the program means taking advantage of the benefits provided by the plan. In the case of explicit request by the user, Stampegrafica will remove the customer from the list Wonder Program Pro by removing from the account all benefits and privileges.

How is the threshold calculated for the passage from one level to the other?

The threshold is calculated on a historical basis and there are no time limits. The sum of the net revenue of all orders for you get the total expenditure of each customer. Periodically Stampegrafica will update you via written communication on the amount of revenue and the percentage of achievement of the set objectives. In your personal area you can view the history of orders made in e-commerce.