Printing Techniques

What techniques we can use to personalize your products?

This short guide to printing techniques used in our laboratories for the customization of any product and/or tissue, has the purpose of help you in choosing the most effective technical, economical and functional to your needs. The choice of the techniques for customizing the most suitable, product for product, is carried in the phase of design by our technical staff. The choice depends on your quantity, material, dimensions, printing and production costs.

Screen printing


Screen printing is one of printing techniques, the most ancient
and functional and is suitable for use on a wide range of products and materials. The use of screen printing is recommended for images or documents on the fabrics, rigid and flexible materials and products made of plastic or PVC as the gadgets. Screen printing is available on all our promotional items and preferably with smooth surfaces, such as bags, folders, umbrellas, etc., and on the clothing. This type of personalization is long lasting and economical. The cost of customization silk-screen, depending on the number of colors, of the item to customize, the size of the print file, and the amount of jokes that will make.


Screen Printing is recommended for printing of a minimum number of 25 pieces. The customization is durable, resistant to washing even at high temperatures. It is a cost-effective technique, and is used both in the fashion sector that Work.


T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Polo shirts, tank Tops, Shirts...


We print directly on cotton fabrics with a wide range of colors. Not only that, with the SureColor SC-F2100, we can also print without problems on dark fabrics since the ink white is extremely durable and opaque. The Epson UltraChrome DG have been certified as ECO PASSPORT1 of OEKO-TEX®. The printer offers faster results than many other models, with the fast-print mode, and additional the circulation of the inks are improved to a quick start. In addition, it includes monitoring improved reproduction and more uniform images and a wider color gamut. (READ MORE')


Digital Print direct is optimized for a number of prints less than 50 units (Possibility to buy from 5 pieces and up). And' possible to reproduce images in color, with shades of all kinds. It resists to washing with temperature up to 30 C°. The inks are water-based, non-toxic and brilliant. Leaves thick on the garment.


Fabrics 100% cotton and without thickness (T shirts, Sweatshirts, Shopper...)


The personalization embroidery is available on all articles of clothing and fabric in general, such as handbags, backpacks, etc. This type of customization is recommended, especially on polo shirts, sweatshirts, hats and bags. The embroidery offers a touch of prestige to your promotional items and corporate clothing. The cost of personalization in embroidery, it does not vary according to the number of colors needed in the design of Your logo, but for the size and "points". This technique is used in particular in the field of fashion and business, given the higher costs and the higher quality of the obtained result. Does not allow to reproduce the picture with gradients or images that are too complex.


Recommended for a limited number of pieces and fabrics of weight greater or equal to 170 g/sqm. The cost of the embroidery depends on the size of the print and not the colors. A result of quality and prestige. Recommended for the fashion industry and business. Ultra resistant to washing, at each temperature.


Sweatshirts, Polo, Jackets, Soft shells, hats...


The technique is based on the application of the vinyl contoured clothes of various kinds. The vinyls are thermal-welded at high temperatures. The printing colors are brilliant, bright and show a high contrast. We have a wide range of vinyls, with different colors, lamination and finishing. It is very much used in the field of sports for the insertion of names and numbers on shirts and shorts. And' possible to the application is on cotton and on polyester. The carving digital allows us to perform accurate jobs and patterns and excellent finish.


Suitable for printing logos, patterns and drawings without shading and with a maximum of 2 colors. Optimized for low quantities (up to 50/100 pieces). Suitable for the application of names and numbers on football shirts, volleyball and other sports. Resistant to washing. Bright colors and high contrast. Applicable to both on cotton and on polyester.


The jerseys and clothing sporting both cotton and polyester.


The technique of printing using the transfer to digital is suitable for the customization of products in low quantities, on a white base colouring or very clear and can only be used on high-temperature resistant materials.This technique is rapid, low cost and high performance suitable for transfer on fabrics of various kinds of images in full color, and even photo file. Costs will vary based on the size of the image , while a little influence on the number of pieces printed.The phases of the print transfer digital are relatively simple compared to many other techniques, considering that it is not necessary to create print works or frames particular. Stampegrafica using films of high quality, but recommends that any way to wash the garments inside out and with cold water.


Recommended for a limited number of pieces. Suitable for printing four-color, photo, on light-colored clothes or white. The print is resistant to washing. The transfer to digital is perceptible to the touch, but pleasant to the eye.


Clothing of white or ecru, for shopper white aprons...



The printing process sublimation is founded on the ability of a particular ink to “sublimate” if brought to high temperatures. Sublimation, in chemistry and in physics, is the direct transition from a solid to a gas without passing through the liquid phase. Inks sublimation, in practice, if brought to a certain temperature, they evaporate directly on the fabric by binding firmly to the mesh of polyester.A fundamental characteristic of the printing sublimation is precisely the one just cited: it can be performed only on some material and one of the main, at least as far as fabrics include polyester and nylon.


Recommended clothing sportswear, exclusively white, polyester. It is suitable to four-color process printing, also reproduces the nuances of each genre. Imperceptible to the touch. Customizing long-lasting and wash-resistant. Recommended for short runs, typically up to 500 pieces.


Sports wear white polyester. Gadgets in the polyester such as mouse mats, umbrellas and much more.


The pad printing is used for transferring indelible ink on smooth surfaces or slightly rough through pads flexible (cliché). The ink, in substance, is transferred from a steel plate or photopolymer, previously engraved thanks to a bromografo to UV rays that it “digs” with the absolute prediction of the desired image, the final object via a silicone pad.


There is also to say that the printing pad, usually, allows you to print graphics with a quality even better compared to screen printing, although, in general, this technique is used only to customize the products of small size.

The cost of customization in printing varies depending on the number of pieces and the size of the printed image. Since the process of creating the printing plates is quite long, and require a particular attention, the cost of creation of the so-called printing plant have much influence in particular on the orders of a modest print run.


We use pad printing for the customization of gadgets of small size such as lighters, pens, pencils, key chains...


Digital printing is a technique used to reproduce images, digital on paper, pvc, panels, certain types of fabrics, vinyl's and much more. The development of digital printing is linked to the demand, more and more large, customization of low amounts of product, but with high definition.

Our laboratory of digital printing is provided to two types of Plotters, which are used for different types of production: A EPSON Sure Color S40600 and a Canon iPF750.


Digital printing is required for the customization of stickers for shop windows, for the printing of advertising banners, to posters and more a wide variety of jobs relating to the customization of vehicles, wall murals, paintings on canvas and much more. There are no problems for the short-run and costs are limited. On the contrary, in the high quantities we recommend offset printing.


Posters, Banners, Decals, pre spaced, wall stickers, canvas, adhesive labels, transfers for apparel and more.