Wonder Program Pro

Change perspective and discover the wonderful world of the advantages that we have reserved just for you.

The Wonder Program Pro

The Pro is a Partner, not a client!

It is the exclusive loyalty program dedicated to the operators of the sector of graphic arts, communication agencies and event organisers and offers products and services of great commercial value and a price list reserved of great importance.

The purpose of the Wonder Program Pro is the optimization of the relationship between Stampegrafica and the customer Pro.

It's not for everyone

Wonder Program Pro is the plan of collaboration to be the most prestigious of StampeGrafica Plus. Access to exclusive services and benefits, in fact, is the result of a very careful selection of the necessary requirements. It is necessary to make a subscription request, which can be made simply and quickly, by filling out a form to enter all the necessary data.

The structure

Wonder Program Pro is divided into four levels of development: the initial level is called the chinese Wall. Reaching the objectives required for the successful completion of this level, you win the advantages of the higher levels (Petra and the Taj Mahal), until you get to the most prestigious level of the programme: the Colosseum.

All levels

  • The Great Wall Of China
  • Petra
  • Taj Mahal
  • The colosseum

The fixed discount starting at 10% + 4%. At each level the list improves until you get to an extraordinary 22% + 4%

Parts Immediately

Subscribe to the Wonder Program Pro and discover all the commercial benefits that we already offer from the first order!
We speak the same language, we share experiences in the same sector production...for us you are a partner Pro!

Send the enrolment request

wait for the approval of the our office business customers, and get all the details of the Wonder Program Pro.