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Promote your Brand by choosing between a wide catalogue divided into categories. Our mission is to return the Gadget to the dignity and function which characterize the nature. The Gadget helps the Marketing actions to provide a corporate image that is impregnated with values and features that make it unique and allow the customer to recognize the brand as authoritative in its field productive and trust worthy! We customize more than 3000 different products, suitable for different types of events, occasions or for simple business promotion.

We customize garments with various printing techniques and a case-by-case we choose the one with the best ratio between quality and price accompany our customers towards a choice that is optimized and targeted to the achievement of the objectives, promotional objectives. By 2020 our catalog “clothing” has been greatly expanded and were added to whole categories of product dedicated exclusively to those who use the custom apparel for work or for events.



Personalised stickers for your car or wall, ideas, display cabinets, micro-perforated, labels, and much more. For us it is a passion that increased with time, and thanks to the emotions transmitted by our customers, we spend every day, from the graphic design up to the installation of the prints. The beauty, the indispensable locomotive of the attraction of the potential clients (deepening), it is also a tool of transmission of values and promotional messages. Thanks to the durable and stylish PVC of high quality, you can also return a value, and renewed to your environments and commercial interiors. This service gratifies us more and more each day! Installations for events and local trade. Make your space beautiful and functional with a Roll-Up, Panels, totems, and much more. We are aware that the media used should be chosen with care and attention to the details, but we are even more sure that the graphic content is far more important! For this we do not propose (online) a catalogue too extensive, but we prefer to accompany you, free of charge, our clients towards an optimal choice, and rooted on their corporate identity and staff. Only in this way, a totem, a flag or an exhibitor, you will become strong and fruitful.



Advertise your Brand with banner, tarpaulin, printed, bands and custom PVC occhiellati of any size. Excellent quality and reduced lead times. Our laboratory digital printing is able to deliver up to 72 hours from the time of shipment of the order. Almost the totality of the service of digital printing has the sticker on it FAST, in the category EXPRESS.

Illustrate your Brand by designing Brochures, pamphlets, leaflets , flyers, posters, and much more. We have digital printers for production printing, digital small and large format! The reduced time and the possibility to use our graphics design service makes us the suitable to meet your needs. We are the ideal partner for the realization of promotional campaigns and dissemination of the brand for companies and associations, especially if they are young and small in size.


The creation, valorisation and dissemination of its corporate value require a study of the image in depth, and of a design developed and stitched around the distinctive features of the organization itself.

Advertising is the means by which we are going to “fix” the brand, by creating diversity and uniqueness compared to the competitors on the market. We create, with you, the company's identity then develop a communication project effective and eye-catching.