How to choose the Sizes of the T-shirt On-line

To you we say: every brand produces clothing that differ in quality of fabric, color and fit. Why is this so? Simple! The clothing is produced in different areas of the World and from area to area, the technical features and the perception of the sizes also varies in a way also substantial.

When you wear it, of course, everything becomes more simple, but if this is not possible? If the purchase, much cheaper, would do it on line?

There is also to say that often you'll buy clothing that you already know, which makes it easy not just, the choice of the sizes.

We will show you below how to measure a T shirt in the correct way and we give you some advice to make an informed choice and corresponding to your needs.

Four simple steps to get started

Get a tape (if you do not have that available it's also good with a ruler)

Placed then on a flat surface.

Get a T-shirt that you wear in a comfortable way and measure.

Marks on a sheet of paper with the measurements and from here...start your search.

How to measure a garment

At this point it is crucial to know how and where to take the measurements of your T-shirt, Polo shirt or other apparel (for the upper part of the body).

The image on the left is self-explanatory. The measures indicated in the table are: LENGTH and HEIGHT (in white). We clarify with more details the correct measurement of the T-shirt:

  • Width : Measure from one seam to the other, height of the heart.
  • Length : Measure from the neck to the bottom. Stretch out good the jersey on the floor and also consider the clothing, if used, a little retreat.
  • Neck : the neck is true of the internal size, at the point of maximum opening.
  • Shoulders : Measure from the seam with the sleeve until the diametrically opposite point.
  • Sleeve length : As a point of reference we keep the seam that separates the sleeve from the shoulders. From there, we take the measurement until the end of the sleeve itself.
  • The width of the Sleeves : Measure from the end point of the sleeve itself.

Where to read the measurements for the sizes?

On the technical sheets of every T-shirt you will find the measurements for each size. Below is an example of the product card with the relevant table of the sizes.

Choose the sizes and continue with the purchase

Now that you have your measurements, compare them with those described in the technical data and extrapolates the relative sizes.

Attention: For various reasons, as described previously, the measures that you have found may not exactly correspond with those which you will find on the technical sheets but does not matter: choose the size that is closest.

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