Guide preparing file labels self adhesive,

File preparation for print Sticky Labels

The following are guidelines to help you create a print file correctly.

You can send a .pdf vector or .jpeg in good resolution.

The optimal resolution of the file for printing is 300 dpi.

The fonts must be embedded in the pdf or converted to curves/paths. The minimum size of the character (beyond which we do not guarantee the perfect quality of the print is 6 pt. The stretch of the minimum printable is 0.25 pt.

For the labels, prepares a file in 1:1 scale with 2 mm of abundance for each side.

The same color can look slightly different depending on the print media. This is due to the physical composition of their own material. All files should be sent in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) by assigning the colour profile Fogra 39. Images in RGB or PANTONE colors will automatically be converted with a profile of the separation standard. If you want to get a rich black with our printing technology we recommend that you compose a dyed in the four colors corresponding to the C 63% M 52% Y 51%, K 100%.

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