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The following are guidelines to help you create a print file correctly.
If you still have doubts, after reading our instructions, call our service with Customer Support or contact us via WhatsApp
Remember, the control of suitability of the file is included in the price. In any case, you will receive a print preview by our operator.

The format of the file

You can send your file format .JPG, .PNG or PDF (not password protected).


All files should be sent in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) by assigning the colour profile Fogra 39. Images in RGB or PANTONE colors will be converted to automatic with a profile of the separation standard.


For these products is not provided for the printing of white ink


The optimal resolution of the file for printing is between 150 and 300 DPI.


Each material has its own maximum size of the print on the piece. If your product exceeds this size will be divided into two or more parts with overlap of 1.5 cm.

Square cut

If you choose the square cut the square cut or rectangular in shape to follow the contour of the file.

Shaped cut

Shaped cutting of the PVC. The vector path of the cut should be a closed line, and continue. With the half-cut means the cutting of the PVC only, leaving intact the film in the paper below allowing you to weed quickly the adhesive. The half-cut can be "shaped, or square".
Not to be confused with the prespaziato (cutting of the individual letters of a phrase).

Abundance and secure Area

Always leave plenty, of 0.1 cm per side. The distance of the text from the line of cut must be at least 0.5 cm