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SUBJECT: Obligation of electronic invoicing by January 1, 2019,

With effect from 1 January 2019 entered into force, the obligation of electronic invoicing for the supply of goods and performance of service.

We will ask you to update the data for the electronic billing NOW. You can do this in two ways:

Do you have a Vat number?

If you have an account on you can update your billing address by entering code SDI or PEC. Remember that you will need to have filled out the field "COMPANY" before being able to do. If you have not added an address, "BILLING" you should do so immediately.

If you have not made an order through quote direct from the customer service StampeGrafica, you can fill the form for sending of billing data.

Association, Private and foreign companies EU


Population data

Code SDI

Private Tax Code 0000000 (if available - PEC)
Association Tax Code/Vat 0000000 (if the entire value of the SDI too)
Overseas Private Tax Code XXXXXXX (the law in force pre-2018)


E-invoices addressed to her will therefore be issued only by using the interchange system (SDI)

Invoices issued in a different way, are not issued, with the consequent responsibility of both the supplier and the customer.

In order to fulfill this obligation, you must have the code recipient issued by the interchange system, or, in the alternative, an e-Mail address Certified (pec) to which to transmit the electronic invoice.

We wish to inform you that, in the case of communication failure, it will be used the certified e-mail registered in the Register of enterprises, in his absence, the invoices will be viewable on the dedicated website of the Revenue is accessible with the Vs. credentials.

The subject is not obliged to the communication from the PEC to the Business Register, are in any case required to provide us with the code recipient, or the PEC on (in case are inserted in both of the information will be used in the code recipient)

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