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For some years, also in Italy, consumers are beginning to have more and more attention in respect of ethical behavior on the part of suppliers of products and services.

StampeGrafica want to respond to the many questions we are asked about the origin of products and to the environmental quality and ethics of production jobs.

In particular, there is to say, the observance of a behavior and a code of ethics entails respect for the rights of the person, of the worker and safeguarding the environment, and every form of life on the planet, including those of animals and plants.

Stampegrafica, since its establishment in 2011, has had a natural tendency towards those aspects of the founding of ethical culture and sustainable. First of all, in view of the type of services offered, our attention was immediately directed towards the 3 aspects that we consider of the highest importance:

  • Environmental sustainability due to the disposal of special waste waste
  • Well-being, dignity and safety of the employee and work at the laboratories Stampegrafica
  • Respect for human rights and the correct application of the regulations concerning the importation of products of neutral

The Ethical consumer

The ethical consumer, usually, is the one who needs to know some details related to the products that show the application of the main rules on the quality of services and on the respect of the health of the worker and the environment.

In particular, the parameters that are evaluated by the consumer before providing an judgment on businesses are:

  1. Territorial localization;
  2. Corporate sales;
  3. The presence and exploitation of animals;
  4. Respect for the environment;
  5. Advertising incorrect and misleading;
  6. Link with Governments, regimes and armies;
  7. Power and Fame;
  8. Scams check;
  9. Transparency;

The products are instead evaluated with respect to the following criteria:

  • The impact with the environment;
  • Utility,
  • Framing the social and the historical.

Quality certifications on products

100% of the Gadgets offered by Stampegrafica is produced by suppliers who are in possession of ISO 9001 certification. Currently, 97% of the supplies coming from Italy and of these 43% is manufactured in our Country, while the remaining part on Chinese soil or in Bangladesh.

The main certifications that are assigned to the products supplied by StampeGrafica

BSCI (the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) for the social responsibility of the enterprise)

The OE Blended OE 100 Certification managed by a non-governmental organization that promotes and encourages organic farming and the organic, the Organic Exchange)

OE Blended OE 100TH eko-tex standard 100 (independent System testing and certification for textile products for all types of production through the chain of control, textile)

SEDEX (a non-profit organization committed to the growth of the dissemination of the ethical principles along the global supply chains and is the largest platform in Europe which collects and processes data on the ethical behaviour of supply chains)

WRAP (The worldwide Responsible Accreditation Product (WRAP) is the most popular certification program for manufacturers of apparel, footwear and accessories. The WRAP programme certifies facilities based on compliance with the 12 requirements that ensure production processes are safe, legal and ethically correct. These 12 requirements are: adherence to legislation and to the rules of the industry in all the production sites, prohibition of forced labour, prohibition of child labour, prohibition of abuse racial, remuneration and benefits as required by law, hours of work as provided for by the law, prohibition of discrimination, health and safety, freedom of association and collective bargaining, respect of the environment, civil liability, safety and security procedures to prevent introductions of illegal products in transport of goods). The certificate WRAP demonstrates the company's commitment to ethical standards, social and environmental, which can guarantee a responsible production)

Products of import (Gadget)

Imported products, mainly from China, are chosen by our main intermediary in italy, with main offices in Rome and Capua, between producers who are in possession of the Certification of CCC (China Compulsory Certification) is a mandatory mark relative to the safety and quality of the products sold on the chinese market, comparable to the CE mark in europe. We use always of accredited practitioners and intermediaries for the choice of companies for foreign supplies and this ensures maximum quality and respect of each parameter of ethics.

Certification AMFORI

Amfori, the main trade association for the global open trade, and sustainable, brings together more than 2,400 retailers, importers, brands and associations from over 40 countries.

The mission of Amfori is to allow each of its members to improve human prosperity, use natural resources in a responsible way and to drive trade at the global level. These are major challenges and we must work together to address them. Together we can influence and drive positive change on a large scale.

Amfori has an office in Brussels with a solid network of representatives in 14 Countries. Offers members a framework for practical and world-class instruments to manage the interactions of social and environmental supply chains of companies and anticipate future trends.

As the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade, we bring together over 2,400 retailers, importers, brands and associations from more than 40 countries. Our membership contains organisations of all sizes and all sectors with a combined turnover of more than one trillion euros.

Our mission is to enable each of our members to enhance human prosperity, use natural resources responsibly and drive open trade globally. These are major challenges and we need to work collaboratively to tackle them. Together we can influence and drive positive change at scale.

amfori is headquartered in Brussels with a strong network of representatives based across 14 countries, We offer members a practical framework and world-class tools to manage the social and environmental performance of their supply chains and anticipated future trends. We advocate for progressive policy and collaborate with national, European and international partners to achieve social, environmental and economic progress.

Download the Glossary AMFORI


Certifications Organic cotton

The organic cotton is certified by third party institutions which check the whole production process and give, in the case of a positive outcome, the origin and the production chain. In addition to this, the organic cotton must be produced from seed natural, and not genetically modified (GMO).

A certification for Organic cotton, attesting to the quality and the correctness of the biological origin of the cotton, there is definitely the exclusion of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and more than 900 synthetic substances that are harmful to the environment and to human health.


Certifications clothing

All the certificates issued from our main distributor of clothing.

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