preparation Guide file, producing

A correct preparation facilitates the processes of production and the subsequent installation of the adhesive. Follow our guide

The texts should have a minimum body of 60/70 pt in the case where you use a font without a serif (like Arial) or 120/130 pt if you use a font with serifs (such as Georgia).

In any case, avoid strokes thinner than 2 mm
The distance between letters must not be smaller than 1.5 mm

And' possible to reproduce drawings and symbols, respecting the same rules.
Of course, the symbols and the drawings included in the graphics should always be of vector type.

With this technique it is not possible to reproduce raster images and gradients of any kind.

Before saving the file, remember to convert all fonts used to paths.
The graphics must be in a scale of 1:1 provided in the format of AI or PDF.

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