Which PVC adhesive to choose?

There are multiple types of PVC. For this we have created a simple guide that will help you choose the solution most suited to your needs.

Choose the right adhesive

The adhesive PVC (or Vinyl) is one of the media most used in the field of digital graphics and print advertising large format; this is probably due to its great versatility, which makes it a suitable material for many applications on window stickers, signage (interior and exterior), vehicles, and rigid panels ( aluminium, forex, polionda, polycarbonate, honeycomb, plexiglass, etc.).

Self-Adhesive Vinyl. What is it about?

Most of the vinyl stickers is made of a plastic material called PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, or polyvinyl chloride. This is one of the plastic materials most used in the world because of its versatility, its moldability in the application, and as miscible with inorganic products and plasticizers.

The different types

VINYL ADHESIVE, WHITE BASE ( go to the product: Glossy PVC - PVC Opaque )
You have to divide them into two great branches: vinyl, monomeric vinyl, polymeric.

The vinyl monomeric is the vinyl cheaper, the one that allows you to have the best quality/price ratio. It is normally used for applications of short duration 18-24 months, and especially suitable to be used on flat surfaces. After a few days starts to occur, the effect of the withdrawal, that is, the vinyl, the adhesive applied tends to shrink to a few millimeters, about 1mm to the side. You must always take into account this particularity in the application phase.

The vinyl polymer is of better quality. The compound of this material allows you to have an elasticity greater than the vinyl monomeric, allowing you to use it on those surfaces with a minimum of sudden changes of thickness. The vinyl polymer, made from PVC percentages higher, is therefore able to adapt to surfaces more complex (for example on the rear window of a car) by ensuring longer-term maturity.

Both are available with a glossy or matte finish.
The vinyl-based adhesive white printable on a single side and you can ask for shaped cutting (full cut or half-cut) to get irregular shapes. Consider the parts that are not printed will, of course, white.

Vinyl transparent adhesive

The transparent base makes this type of adhesive is particularly suitable for window stickers. The advantage is that the file can be printed mirrored. This allows you to apply the support to the inside of the window and see the print out in the correct way from the outside of the store.

Also, the transparent adhesive is printable on one side , and you can ask for shaped cutting (full cut or half-cut) to get irregular shapes.
When you prepare the file considers that all the parties in white do not include printing. Then will be transparent.

The defect of this solution is the low coverage of the print, due to the transparency of the film. To resolve this problem, we recommend the use of the opaque white, that is, the printing of an ink masking over the areas you want to particularly stand out.

Vinyl adhesive-conformable Cast

Conformable due to its thickness very thin, to its rubbery consistency, and its high resistance to this type of vinyl sticker is particularly effective if applied on curved surfaces such as those of cars, vans, and boats. It also ensures a high print quality. The withdrawal of the material after the application is practically zero. Also the adhesive is CAST is printable on one side, and you can ask for shaped cutting (full cut or half-cut) to get irregular shapes.

Vinyl electrostatic

The vinyl electrostatic white base is easy to apply and does not leave any marks once removed as it is free of glue: the application is due to the electrostatic effect.

This product is suitable to be applied on any type of surface is perfectly smooth. It is particularly indicated for short periods of time (e.g., the sale season or a particular promotion).
Also, the adhesive electrostatic is printable on a single side and you can take the cut to get irregular shapes.

Repositionable "ATTACHES to AND DETACHES" without glue

It is used for showcases, panels in which there is the need to frequently change graphics or messages of short-term ( sales, promotions, offers ). If you were to hold out incorrectly, the adhesive can be easily removed (and is not the glue) and repositioned. Also if you keep the protection of the adhesive as you pull the sticker you can put back the security and to keep it for the next time. In this case it is important to roll the adhesive with the external graphics. The term external is about 6 months.

Vinyl sticker One Way

Film micro-perforated white base adhesive effect "see-through" that allows you to see the full image, applied on a transparent surface and at the same time see the other party, without losing the visibility of the environment.

Printed on one side only, suitable to be applied on glass and windows.
From the inside you can catch a glimpse of a sleek, lightweight semi-black that let light pass through.

Self-adhesive vinyl backlighting available

Film semi matt white base adhesive is traversed by light, thus allowing an effect of backlighting, are particularly pleasant. Fits panels or caissons backlit panel, the plexiglass of a sign box led backlit).

The pvc is also designed for outdoor use, therefore, is extremely weather resistant, able to last in time without losing the brilliance of the colors.
Can be printed on a single side and you can take the cut to get irregular shapes.

Vinyl floor adhesive

Self-adhesive vinyl white base made usable thanks to the application of a particular filter that brings a greater resistance towards corrosion-mechanical caused by the calpestamenti. It is indicated for situations of internal and external-and often finds use in events such as fairs and events of various kinds. Its duration is closely linked to the use and correct application. On average an adhesive of this kind lasts for 24 months. It is printable on one side, and you can take the cut to get irregular shapes.

Self-adhesive vinyl prespaziato

To make a sentence, a stylized logo or a slogan, the pre-spaced stickers are the most suitable solution. Letters adhesive spaced between them and are shaped according to your requirements, which are applicable on the stand thanks to the application tape that keeps them "spaced".

Starting from a self-adhesive film is colored, you will cut the same.
It is very opaque, just as durable and has the advantage that, once applied, remains only the adhesive film. The self-adhesive vinyl prespaziato may not be printable but only adjustable (it comes to the vinyl by “carving”). In fact, it is not possible to reproduce raster images and gradients of any kind.

A particular type of prespaziato is sanded, a product that reveals the light but does not allow you to see inside, making the glass opaque.

Magnetic sticker

The magnetic sticker (white base) can be applied magnetically on the Display, advertising on vehicles, magnets for refrigerators, menu magnetic, and any other metal surface. It is simple to apply and does not leave any marks once removed as it is free of glue. It is very useful for advertising of temporary and low duration. Its thickness (or 8 mm) allows the shape with “rounded”, but only shapes with straight cuts. In fact, it is generally provided with square cut (square or rectangular).