Choose the Right Gadget

Choose well, that is true!

Let's be honest: a gadget is not worth another! StampeGrafica is the promoter, always, competence, advertising, and good practices in the design and planning stage of the promotional expenses.We like to personalize the gadgets that are operating on a graphic level, technical, and communicative.

We always recommend to our customers, to focus attention on the target of their customers, and on the purposes of communication object. First of all, clearly, we must have an idea with well-defined values that the company wants to convey. Done all this, you have to do is locate the category of gadgets more suited to our purposes, and choose the product that most easily can meet to reach the objectives previously identified. If it is an event we always recommend that you add to the requirements already listed, the ease of use and functionality specific to that particular event.

Have you ever thought about how many messages it transmits a gadget?


Or have you always stopped at the simple “practice” of the purchase and the subsequent delivery of a customized product with your logo? Perhaps your experience leads you to think only about your own history, on the relationship that you have, personally, with the gadgets company, but we have seen really a lot and we think that perhaps, the majority of businesses (especially small) do not have yet clear the intimate feeling of the promotional gift.

Then I want to give you a tip, a reflection, a question that should make you think: if behind a gadget, there were messages much larger than you can imagine and if those messages were decisive for the image you believe of your company?all the colors and we think that perhaps, the majority of businesses (especially small) do not have yet clear the intimate feeling of the promotional gift.

Information that should make you think

I would like to start from here, by the numbers! As I said, often our small experience leads us not to take seriously the elements of Marketing that would have great potential and, above all, that in the case of bad management, are likely to bring results contrary to those desired. Read this information that today, I would like to deliver and then...let's talk!

The data listed below are taken from a wide carried out by the PPAI (Promotional Product Association International) and the “Get in touch in 2018".

  • l 45% of people have a gadget promotional
  • 76% of people remember the name of a company that gave him a gadget
  • The custom gadget that lasts the longest is the umbrella
  • The people appreciate more the usefulness of other characteristics of the object
  • 63% of people who possess a promotional gift says to loan the object to the other. This behavior ensures a still greater efficiency of the message.
  • The custom gadget is considered as the tool of promotion the most important by the users surveyed, more than any other invites to a second contact with the company.
  • 35% of the firms (usually the larger ones) uses the gadget to launch messages constantly on your Brand
  • 75% of respondents said they use at least once every 7 days, a gadget (based on its utility)
  • The gadgets are the most useful ones for personal use. In order, to the places of use are: personal Use, Kitchen, Car, Office, Bathroom. Very similar to the percentage of answers between a man and a woman to the exclusion of the bathroom and kitchen are the places in which the most use is attributed to women.
  • 79% of respondents said they would be willing to contact the company who gave him the gadget. For women, the percentage rises even at 87%

Let's recap

The FIRST COUNCIL: The Gadget must be included in a Marketing strategy

Some of the objects are standard and popular: pens, lighters, calendars, agendas... you, along with your provider, try to choose a gadget that is aligned with the values of your company and that it represents, in some way, what you want to communicate to the whole world. The Gadget should not be chosen for the case!

ACCORDING to the COUNCIL: The Gadget must talk about you

Do you know what is a symbol? Can you imagine. A Gadget, in a way, is like a symbol: a direct link, full of values, between the object and your image. Having said that, if you are a travel agency, you are going to present a gadget that makes "travel" with your imagination, if you have a centre car, then a car always in your pocket will make your...

The THIRD piece of ADVICE: Not always the same Gadgets

Continuing on the logic of the previous council, it is evident that if a gadget "remembers" something about you, the object will not be the same for each event! The biggest risk, very often, is to distribute the exact same product of the other thousands of organizations that offer the same type of events. At that point, who will remember you? If a gadget is successful, usually results in a reaction on the part of the people very simple, but powerful: "They are those...?". In this case, clearly, the more the gadget is unique, particular and maybe even "exciting", the more the goal has been reached!!

The FOURTH COUNCIL: The right Gadget is the right one for your customers

Each person is unique and unrepeatable... or, if we want to make an example of "cultural sociological": "the man is from Mars and woman are from Venus"...

On two aspects that we must work if we want to choose the right gadget for our customers (in addition to the other advice already given and which we give below):

  1. The Values of our customers. We know them? Our target customers are young people rebellious? By law students? From new mothers or lovers? Dozens and dozens of categories and sub-categories of possible customers...that expect an object to them and that they feel aligned to their values.
  2. The category social and economic. Well you. We must think of this. The only complaint plausible, is: "but I have customers that spend 10 Euro and spend 1000...". Of course. Also, our customers can fall into social categories, or different spending. The only certainty you have is that if the specific target buy at your stores, for example, watches from 10 thousand Euro, you will not be able to afford to offer a gadget by 50 Euro cents. Not so much because that person is expecting an important gift, but because the image of your company may change from that moment on.

FIFTH TIP: Useful really

Always remember that a perfect gadget has 3 utilities:

  1. Useful for you. Serves to promote and get your company, then choose it by following the advice you find in this article.
  2. Help the Customer to know you. This is the shade more sensitive, less recognized and potentially harmful, if you use it wrong. Well, even just by looking at your logo or your colors of the Brand, a person may receive a clear information in his head: there is a company with this name. Always remember that the many steps in advertising, on average, more than 7 are required to be remembered, to our brain, a logo at the time this recur.
  3. Useful to those who receive it in everyday life. As already mentioned, among the characteristics essential for a gadget, you can not miss the day to day utilities of the object. Trivially, if I gift something that I do not use, I am going to discard it, or store it in some hidden corner of my living space, if instead of the object I need or makes me comfortable... then I often in front of my eyes.

SIXTH LOCATION: Entrusted to the competence

It is said that you need to know how to choose the right gadgets suited to your needs and perfectly integrated in your Marketing strategies business. Think to be able to do if every thing is presumptuous and harmful. We, as a council, you give it away for free.