Who we are

For Small and Medium-sized enterprises and associations, with great aspirations.

We give Value to Your Brand.

We design services and products to the mix marketing of the small and medium-sized businesses.

We produce Gadgets and custom Apparel for companies and associations.

We believe in the human relationship with our customers. StampeGrafica is the e-commerce business that makes and shakes my hand.

Support graphics free, delivery time, among the fastest of the web, the mode of payment in installments at zero rate, make us the best service for businesses and associations.

Get inspired

It is said that the corner of the street there was a blind that hung at her neck was a sign with the inscription: “Blind from birth”. Receiving a few alms. Went there a of advertising that changed the sign. Because the deals fioccavano, the blind man, when he met him again, he wanted to know what he had written. “The message is the same, I only changed the communication strategy,” said the copywriter. “And what have you written?” asked the blind man, curious. “It is the first day of spring and I can't see him.” (Jacques Seguelà)

The 7 Plus

StampeGrafica Plus has been designed on the experience of nearly a decade of stampegrafica.en. In addition, between January and February 2020, more than 1200 people (1241) have responded to the request for the assessment on the ten main features of the new project. Seven of these were chosen to "do" as a pillar of the new portal.

  1. Catalog promotional clothing and work more and more large
  2. Possibility of purchasing the neutral products from the wholesale
  3. Possibility of Payment in instalments at zero interest rate on 50% of the catalogue products
  4. Insertion of the highest quality products for a more complete
  5. Possibility of customization with more printing techniques, the most elegant and high-quality
  6. Free shipping for orders above € 149,90. € 6,90 fixed for supplies of less than this amount. Our shipping times are among the lowest on the web, and we do not expect additional costs for deliveries even faster.
  7. Loyalty program with the plan to increase the custom

Prices optimized for the reality to which we refer

StampeGrafica is a platform optimized for small and medium-sized companies and associations. And is set, for this reason, an order minimum of € 40,00 + vat and the shipping is free over € 149,90. These thresholds optimization of advertising investments allow you to benefit from the best prices in the market. We offer customers who are in need of quantities of a certain significance, a direct channel with our commercial office, which will develop budgets even more advantageous than those proposed in the mode of e-commerce. ORDERS(LARGE QUANTITY)

Our Services

  1. Design and digital printing of paper products
  2. Graphic design
  3. The study of the image and of the brand
  4. Design, staging and design for events and shopping areas
  5. Design and production of digital medium and big format
  6. Production of customized clothing
  7. Customizing promotional gadgets


We are in the Center!

The location of our offices and laboratories, in the metropolitan city of Rome Capital, allows us to reach every place of Italy and a large part of the Countries of the European Union in a short time compared to many other Italian realities. The speed is a Plus!

We give Value to Your Brand

Competition against the Big. It Is Possible

We promote integrated services of marketing, communication, graphic design and print aimed at the enhancement and promotion of the brand. Competence, passion, experience , and responsible use of the online platform are the cornerstones of our attention towards each customer. We accompany our clients in the choice of the product or service best suited to their goals and promotions, and make possible their aspirations thanks to a catalogue of products/services measured on small-and medium-sized enterprises, methods of flexible payment, with a constant attention to the free advice, to a fleet of cars which ensures you quality and quantity at a reduced cost and the ability to take advantage of the reworking of the graphics free and a loyalty program always close to the customer.

We dream of a future in whicheven the reality of the companies and associations to small, they will be aware that enhance their Brand, on a mix of communication channels, is the only way towards growth of your organization. The Italian economyis mainly composed by small and medium realities, would find great benefit from this new culture , which would open new avenues towards a realistic competition with the competitors on the National and international scene. It will be thanks to an effective strategy of communication that small businesses may dream of the challenge with competitors of the highest level.

Who are our customers?

We are built to offer a high level of service to small and medium-sized companies and associations. Our clients live with the daily challenges of the business world and are ready to accept them , putting passion and dedication. Entrepreneurs who do not have specific skills in graphic, communication or marketing, but that are oriented in the direction of the growth constant , starting from the enhancement of their own Brand. Stampegrafica is optimized, on every service, to respond to the specific characteristics of the businesses and associations that understand the importance of the promotion of the company and who have a desire to design your own business.

What can we offer you?

StampeGrafica is the optimum partner, for the production of gadgets and custom apparel , and for the enhancement of the Brand through the design of the image and channels of diffusion of the brand, for small and medium-sized companies with big aspirations. Thanks to our advice, and free guides, to flexible payment terms, including the rate to zero rate, and our operating protocol is fluid and streamlined, our client has the possibility not to miss any opportunity to promote their brand at reduced costs and execution times of the jobs very quick. We have a constant contact with our customers, via telephone or in person, which defines StampeGrafica E-commerce which makes shaking hands.

How we are perceived by our customers?

We position ourselves on the market as a player of new generation, with a strong inclination towards small and medium-sized companies and associations, with whom we have a close contact, thanks to social channels. We are built on the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, with a range of plus that we know, thanks to the dialogue with their established, be useful, and often necessary, to offer the possibility of promoting your company or association so correct, effective, professional and economical. We offer every day, free of charge, a piece of our expertise. Stampegrafica is optimized for the specific needs of entrepreneurs who want to get in the game facing the challenges of their business.

StampeGrafica Plus has been designed in collaboration with our customers

StampeGrafica Plus comes from Stampegrafica.it

StampeGrafica Plus has been designed on the experience of nearly a decade of stampegrafica.en. In addition, between January and February 2020, more than 1200 people (1241) have responded to the request for the assessment on the ten main features of the new project. Seven of these were chosen to "do" as a pillar of the new portal. Plus you chose them!


Our Wonders (Wonder Program)

Wonder Program is the loyalty program designed to support increasingly our customers. Traveling among the wonders of the modern world you win Loyalty Points, exclusive Promotions, discounts and many benefits that will increase as the trip will continue between one wonder and another.


Why do we do this?

First of all, because we like it. A key feature of all our staff, is the passion that feeds vis-à-vis Marketing, communications, and graphics. In the second place (but not the secondary), we have verified over time that our customers are, for the majority of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, professionals and very capable, but too often with poor skills in the disciplines of Marketing and visual communication.

"Marketing is not longer a question of what you know will produce, but of the story that you can tell"

Seth Godin

A Story in History (Lockdown)

We will always remember the February 2020 and subsequent months, as the largest braking, from the after war until today, the economic and social system of our Country. The crisis generated by the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 put it to the test a high percentage of our Customers, forced to suspend its activities for more than 60 days, then resume, with a clear scaling, for months to come.

The first phase of the emergency has served to analyze the prospects and the needs of our Customers. We knew that we could do something, thus contributing to the phases immediately subsequent to it, the most difficult and excited, those from the many question marks...

We have therefore chosen to convert part of our production in the accessories and tools necessary for the performance of security protocols of business and manufacturing in the various stages of the reopening. We have also opened the possibility of payment in installments, via credit card, to give way, to many of our customers, to support a spending much more accessible without burdening too much on a situation that is already very delicate.

We will remember these moments for the many virtuous examples, of the efforts made by many to shape their business activities into a new situation and unknown, and for the many charitable initiatives and for the beginning of a new vision of the small things that surround us.