Who we are

From today the rules change.

We design services and products for small and medium-sized business, combining an excellent market price, support graphics free, strong propensity to human relation with the customer and production times among the fastest on the Web.

Get inspired

It is said that the corner of the street there was a blind that hung at her neck was a sign with the inscription: “Blind from birth”. Receiving a few alms. Went there a of advertising that changed the sign. Because the deals fioccavano, the blind man, when he met him again, he wanted to know what he had written. “The message is the same, I only changed the communication strategy,” said the copywriter. “And what have you written?” asked the blind man, curious. “It is the first day of spring and I can't see him.”

(Jacques Seguelà)

Our Services

  1. Design and digital printing of paper products
  2. Design graphics / studio of image and brand
  3. Design, staging and design for events and shopping areas
  4. Design and production of digital medium and big format
  5. Production of customized clothing
  6. Customizing promotional gadgets


We are in the Center!

The location of our offices and laboratories, in the metropolitan city of Rome Capital, allows us to reach every place of Italy and a large part of the Countries of the European Union in a short time compared to many other Italian realities. The speed is a Plus!

A Mission

A Vision

We give Value to Your Brand.

We promote integrated services of marketing, communication, graphic design and print aimed at the design, development and promotion of the brand. The customer can take advantage of one or more services, based on the advice and experience of our professionals and the objectives it wants to achieve. Professionalism, competence, experience, and responsible use of the online platform are the cornerstones of our attention towards each customer.

Even a micro company, in the future, will have the opportunity to enhance your brand and produce effective advertising campaigns are able to reach new customers and retain those already active! Even a micro enterprise can aspire to development without limits, by investing the right resources and leveraging the necessary skills.

A project

StampeGrafica Plus has been designed in collaboration with our customers

StampeGrafica Plus comes from Stampegrafica.it

StampeGrafica Plus has been designed on the experience of nearly a decade of stampegrafica.en. In addition, between January and February 2020, more than 1200 people (1241) have responded to the request for the assessment on the ten key features of the new portal. Of the ten proposals voted, two have not exceeded the threshold of satisfaction. Plus you chose them!


Our Wonders (Wonder Program)

Wonder Program is the loyalty program designed to support increasingly our customers. Traveling among the wonders of the modern world you win Loyalty Points, exclusive Promotions, discounts and many benefits that will increase as the trip will continue between one wonder and another.


Why do we do this?

First of all, because we like it. A key feature of all our staff, is the passion that feeds vis-à-vis Marketing, communications, and graphics. In the second place (but not the secondary), we have verified over time that our customers are, for the majority of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, professionals and very capable, but too often with poor skills in the disciplines of Marketing and visual communication.

"Marketing is not longer a question of what you know will produce, but of the story that you can tell"

Seth Godin