Loyalty Program

Change perspective and discover the wonderful world of the advantages that we have reserved just for you.

Wonders Program

Get rewarded for your loyalty

Wonder Program is the loyalty program designed to support increasingly our customers. Traveling among the wonders of the modern world you win Loyalty Points, exclusive Promotions, discounts and many benefits that will increase as the trip will continue between a wonder and the other

Many benefits for you

Loyalty points for every Euro spent

Entrusted to StampeGrafica Plus for every order placed, you will see your loyalty level grow more and more.
Already from the first euro spent, you earn loyalty points that you can spend as a coupon for the next order or you can let them accumulate and use them when you want!

Loyalty points expire 180 days from the date of generation.

Also, as your loyalty level increases, the new plus will be added to your account.

Unique promotions for you

By subscribing to the site www.stampegrafica.plus you will be automatically entered at the first level of the program (Chichén Itzá). The inclusion in the program does not cost anything and the progress has no limits of time.

Levels and Fixed Discounts

The Wonder Program is divided into 3 Levels:

  • Chichén Itzá - Discount 0%
  • Christ The Redeemer - 5%
  • Machu Picchu - 10%

The ascent from one level to another, is achieved by reaching the minimum objectives of the revenue. LOOK AT THE DETAILS

Sit comfortably and let the journey begin!

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You are an operator of the Graphic Arts or works in the world of Events?

Then your Wonder Program Pro. WWPro is the exclusive loyalty program dedicated to the operators of the sector of graphic arts, communication agencies and event organisers and offers products and services of great commercial value and a price list reserved of great importance.


Are you an association or a Vespa Club?

StampeGrafica has always been close associations. A closeness that is born from our passions, from our Mission and from that sense that thrill we feel whenever we are going to make our contribution to an event or for a cause.


Loyalty cards

Already from the second order, StampeGrafica will send you a Loyalty Card, associated with your level in the program. With the card you will also receive a letter with all the advantages that the Wonder Program gives you. As orders increase, you pass from level to level with new and exciting privileges that will allow you to optimize, month after month, your investment in promotional. OTHER CARDS LOYALTY AVAILABLE

The Wonders of the Wonders Program

7 levels, 2 Paths

The Wonder Program is reserved primarily for entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses, and associations , and provides for three different progressive levels. In achieving the objectives for the overcoming of the initial level “Chichen Itza” you win the benefits of the next level, Christ the Redeemer, up to the most prestigious level: Machu Pichu.

The other four levels of the program are dedicated to the Wonder Program Pro, a floor reserved for graphic arts professionals, advertising agencies and event organizers.