Orders large quantity

You need to make orders of large quantities of products?

What does it mean, first of all, large amount? I'll give you some example:

  • over 10,000 Backpacks
  • over 500 T-shirt
  • over 15000 Port Cup
  • over 5000 Documents
  • over 10000 cigarette Lighters

These are just some of the examples possible with regard to the large quantities.

Because a dedicated channel?

Simple. In this way, the professionals of our commercial offices, will evaluate each possible solution with the aim of reducing the costs of the order and to facilitate the purchase processes.

It's a great option that we offer.

Moreover, for orders of large amounts, our account managers will be able to take into consideration payment methods, diversified, not restricted to those standard proposals on the conditions of sale StampeGrafica.

What should you do?

Very simple.

Please contact us using the quote request form, by sending the first necessary information for a preliminary evaluation, and leave your contact phone number.

Remember that any additional information, including any file that you can attach to the form, it will be useful to route your request to the professional most suitable to your request.


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