, Digital Printing, Direct

We are proud... is now a certainty. The new Epson SureColor SC-F2100, (5) is showing the muscles, just as we imagined.

Because we have choice?

The idea of adding this gem to our fleet of machines has not arrived by the case. Sure, in fact, from time to time, asking more and more of a printing service that could ensure extreme flexibility, reduced costs, quick turnaround and high quality. We wondered for a long time how to respond to a demand so large, and ambitious. It is true, indeed, that, usually, the player of the industry, especially the web, prefer to "reject" requests so targeted and in need, the first still of the will to receive them, of a technical and organizational structure ready to support them.

We have chosen, instead, to be, and we decided to do it by offering clear answers and timely to all those people who are facing today in the world of clothing brand.

I ask you a question: "an image like this, what technique of print you can be printed on a garment?"

The answer is simple:

Print digital direct!

Directly on fabrics

We print directly on cotton fabrics with a wide range of colors. Not only that, with the SureColor SC-F2100, we can also customize on dark fabrics since the ink white is extremely durable. The Epson UltraChrome DG have been certified as ECO PASSPORT1 of OEKO-TEX®.


  1. Details of great quality
  2. Not need printing plants
  3. And you can also play different images on each item of clothing
  4. The Area of flexible printing
  5. Quick printing
  6. The results that you "will be noticed" by your customers, friends, admirers...

We print quickly and high quality

The printer offers faster results than many other models, with the fast-print mode, and additional the circulation of the inks are improved to a quick start. In addition, it includes monitoring improved for smooth playback of images and a wider color gamut.

Inks UltraChrome DG

Inks UltraChrome DG Epson vivid color, and a white ink resistant-proof and crack for printing on dark fabrics.